10 best plant-based restaurants in New South Wales

Best plant-based restaurants NSW

Riding the veg-forward wave as it washes over the country, Australian chefs are whipping up innovative dishes to inspire a new generation of planet-conscious diners at some of the continent’s best plant-based restaurants. These chefs are championing bold flavours, original recipes, and native produce – and are waiving animal products in favour of veg-led alternatives. Bringing an Earth-first ethos to everything from fine dining to fast food, these pioneering minds are reimagining the Aussie food scene from the bottom up.

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Best plant-based restaurants in Sydney

Gigi Pizzeria

Best for: your ethical pizza fix

An assortment of pizza and sides at Gigi Pizzeria

Gigi Pizzeria is turning the notion that all ‘good pizzas need cheese’ on its head, wood-firing some of the best pizzas Sydney has to offer – with no dairy in sight. These plant-based pizzas put flavour (and the environment) first, using the finest local and ethically sourced produce in innovative combinations that’ll impress the most die-hard aficionado. A proud member of the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana), this plant-based restaurant offers pizzas wood-fired the authentic Neapolitan way, drawing patrons in their droves with promises of the perfect crisp-to-chew ratio.

📍 379 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042


Best for: plant-based fine dining

With green gastronomy burgeoning on a global scale, it’ll come as no surprise that Sydney has a plant-based restaurant or two up its sleeve. At Yellow, heirloom vegetables – all grown locally – take centre stage in a series of dishes inspired by the European fine-dining scene. Chef Brent Savage and his team have curated an inventive six-course tasting menu of creative vegetarian and vegan plates – along with a hand-picked list of organic, natural, and biodynamic wines to complement your dining experience.

📍 57 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

The Little Turtle

Best for: plant-based Thai cuisine

Picture of a bamboo steamer with three boa buns with crispy tofu and lettuce

Traditional Thai dishes have a way with vegetables, and Little Turtle builds on this by forgoing meat – and most meat alternatives – to crown the humble vegetable as the star of its show. A completely plant-based restaurant and better for it, this contemporary Enmore stop-off executes creative, veg-centric interpretations of authentic dishes with panache. The cherry on top of your dining experience here is the attentive service, which ensures that you’ll feel like one of the family when you visit.

📍 10 Stanmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042

Bad Hombres

Best for: authentic Mexican without the meat

Bad Hombres’ ever-changing taco of the week is reason enough to visit this popular Mexican plant-based restaurant on a regular basis – and that’s not even dipping your toes into the eatery’s menu of authentic Central American eats reimagined through a fully vegan lens. This always-packed spot hums to the tune of ’80s playlists and content patrons socialising over sharing plates. You’ll find the creative mezcal cocktails here are worth sampling, too.

📍 40 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

The best plant-based restaurants in Newcastle

Momo Wholefood Cafe

Best for: health-conscious eats

Plant-based restaurant interior with people sitting at tables

With its lofty ceilings and multi-storey windows, this trendy vegetarian cafe positions itself as a social hub for the planet-conscious diner. Healthy and wholefoods occupy a place of honour at Momo, while flavours range from far-flung to closer to home – and you’re just as likely to find favourites from Europe on the menu as you are popular Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian dishes. Healthy eating may be the restaurant’s focus, but your sweet tooth won’t suffer as confections play a starring role, with vegan sweets and fresh pastries made in-house.

📍 227 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

The Bhakti Tree

Best for: South Indian soul food

Bhakti is the Sanskrit word for ‘love’ or ‘devotion’, and this local vegetarian institution is devoted to promoting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle. A restaurant and yoga centre, Bhakti Tree is a haven for the wellness-oriented diner and yoga enthusiast. Here, you’ll dine on plant-based South Indian cuisine while soaking up some of India’s rich spiritual culture. Rich aromatic flavours and nutritious ingredients come together to form a vibrant menu of comfort foods including curries and dahls, while yoga and meditation classes are offered to those looking to sate the soul along with their appetites.

📍 410 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304

Vego’s Vegetarian Fast Food

Best for: satisfying your fast-food cravings

Veggie burger with cheese

It’s not always health-conscious eats on the plant-based diner’s mind; most of us are susceptible to a junk-food craving – or two – and that’s where Vego’s comes in. Centred around the notion that being plant-based should never be a barrier to sinking your teeth into some classic comfort food, this joint is carrying the mantle when it comes to planet-friendly vegan and vegetarian fast foodin Newcastle. Expect breakfast burgers, fries, tacos, and an array of other plant-based niceties on the menu, as well as a selection of addictive vegan dipping sauces.

📍 82 Maitland Road, Islington NSW 2296

Best plant-based restaurants in Wollongong

Plant Based Eatery

Best for: fully vegan street food

A favourite among Wollongong’s vegan community, this street-food stall makes its home at various markets around town, where it serves a selection of all-vegan interpretations of Thai comfort dishes. The menu comprises street-food classics – think popcorn ‘chicken’ and satay skewers – that don’t compromise on flavour.

📍 Location varies. Check Facebook here to confirm location.

Karma Tea House

Best for: a vegetarian spin on traditional Chinese cuisine

An array of plates of food including spring rolls, steamed buns and tofu and rice

Dishing up Chinese favourites like fried rice, dumplings, and bao, Karma Tea House is your typical tea house – with a plant-based twist. The pared-back setting belies a menu that bursts with bold flavours such as Sichuan pepper, ginger, and sesame oil, with each dish packed full of fresh vegetables, tofu, or soya meat alternatives. Ordering authentic Chinese tea here is a must, as is a vegan milkshake or latte.

📍 181 Keira Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

Best plant-based restaurant in Byron Bay

No Bones

Best for: trendy vegan dining

This design-led venue speaks to the more stylish side of contemporary vegan dining – something which quickly cemented its place among the most popular plant-based eateries in The Bay. Championing an environmentally responsible ethos, No Bones’s ingredients list comprises as much as 90% locally made and grown products. The innovative dishes come courtesy of chef Ben Streater, whose flavour inspirations range from Asia to Europe and South America, without ever losing sight of being nutritious.

📍 11 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

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