Australia’s Best Korean Restaurants: A Complete Guide 

Best Korean restaurants

There’s a reason ‘bibimbap’ seems to be the base beat of all your friends’ conversations these days.  

It’s because Korean food is hot right now – and we mean that both literally and figuratively. From sizzling sirloin and blazing buldak to fiery kimchi jjigae and steaming tteokbokki, this East Asian cuisine is as rich in spiciness as it is in sweetness. And while the flavours are addictively tantalising, it’s the dining experience that keeps people wanting more. Searing some meat on the table grill, experimenting with unique wrap concoctions, trying different meats and vegetables with various dips and sauces, trading a sip of broth here for a forkful of noodles there… it’s all about appreciating the unparalleled joys of eating with those around you, celebrating Korean culture and tradition, and building intimate food-loving communities. 

Itching to plunge a piece of pork belly into a bowl of ssamjang? Ready to slurp down a pot of miyeok guk? Put on some K-pop music, practise saying ‘jebal’ (‘please’) and ‘gamsahabnida’ (‘thank you’), and read on for our ultimate guide to Korean food in Australia, so you can find the best Korean restaurants near you. 

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Best Korean restaurants in New South Wales

Soul Dining

Best for: a contemporary-cool dining experience 
Two plates with two small food creations per plate

When Daero Lee and Illa Kim opened Soul Dining back in 2019, they could never have imagined the tidal wave of Korean food obsession in Australia that would come with it. Now a group composed of Soul Dining, Soul Deli, and Dosirak by Soul, it’s known for marrying its founders’ Korean and German heritage with their Australian surroundings for a contemporary take on the cuisine – think soyabean powder-dusted pork jowl with German red cabbage. 

📍 204 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 


Best for: a cosy and intimate setting 

Diners at KOBO need only whisper their compliments from their bar stool perches to be heard by executive chef Jacob Lee, a mere arm’s length away and hard at work. With an eight-seat dining space and a menu that is refreshed every three months, this restaurant inspires patrons to return again and again to experience each new selection that reflects different regions, seasons, and memories of Korea as expressed by the chef. From abalone claypot rice to soft buckwheat crepes, Lee’s diverse and inventive culinary expressions are endless. 

📍 4 Loftus Street, Sydney, NSW 2000  

Sáng by Mabasa

Best for: Instagram-worthy plates 
Gold-rimmed white bowl bowl featuring a meat dish

Located in Surry Hills and owned by chefs Seung Kee Son, Jin Sun Son, their son Kenny Yong Soo Son (Studiokyss’ owner-designer) and his partner, Youmee Jeon, this intimate restaurant and bar is a family affair by all accounts. Experimental gourmands and design savants, the Sáng clan bring a unique flair to the Korean cuisine table – marrying contrasting flavours, textures, and colours to serve artfully curated, unconventional Korean dishes such as gujeolpan and janchi guksu.  

📍98 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 

Jung Sung 

Best for: impressing the in-laws  

If you’re looking for a restaurant that will stir curiosity and spark conversation, look no further than Jung Sung. Seducing visitors with its luxe design and sophisticated plate presentation, this Chippendale restaurant presents Korean-Australian fusion cuisine in a new light – one infused with luxury and elegance, where fermented brussels sprouts are a sumptuous delicacy and bibimbap is a multidish affair instead of a one-bowl wonder.  

📍 Level 3/2-10 Kensington Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008  

Hot tip #1: Don’t worry, the table grill is not your job 

Many Korean restaurant tables are punctuated by a little griddle at the centre of the table. Now before you begin worrying about whether you’ve cooked your galbi long enough or start having flashbacks about your last self-serve experience that went awry (Chocolate. Fondue. Everywhere), have no fear – it is customary for the server to take the lead on the grilling. Diners are welcome to try their hand at searing some meats, or can sit back, relax, and leave it to the professionals. 

Best Korean restaurants in Victoria  


Best for: a home-cooked meal (literally) 
5 bowls of home-cooked Korean cuisine, including a rice dish, kimchi and mussles.

On a fresh spring day in November 2019, Jung Eun Chae opened the doors of her one-bedroom Brunswick apartment to welcome the first-ever guests of CHAE, a six-person restaurant located inside her snug abode. With an infinitely accumulating wait list, Chae’s thoughtfully prepared Korean dishes speak for themselves. Inspired by her mother’s South Jeolla roots and her teachings from Korean Buddhist nun and chef Jeong Kwan, Chae presents the best of traditional Korean food in an intimate, comfortable setting. 

📍  33 Mountain Road, Cockatoo, VIC 3781  

Jan Chi Korean Feast 

Best for: unfettered and unabashed culinary indulgence 

Jan chi’ is Korean for ‘feast’, and that is exactly what diners can expect of head chef Steven JH Ryu’s Bridge Road restaurant. Whether you opt for the specially curated ‘Feed Me’ menu or the 350g bulgogi steak, satisfaction and satiation are guaranteed. Bonus: the Korean cocktail bar and eatery is a feast for the eyes as well, with its rendered concrete walls and custom illustrations of Somaek and gochujang.  

📍 362 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC 3121 

Paik’s Bibim 

Best for: celebrity-chef sightings 

‘Celebrity chef’ just barely captures the magnitude of Paik Jong-won’s influence. With a TV series, a 5.2 million-subscriber-strong YouTube channel, and a collection of more than 2,000 restaurants around the world, he has formed a South Korean cooking empire. His new Melbourne outpost, Paik’s Bibim, distinguishes itself from the rest with its focus on healthy cooking, making it the perfect place to go for a refreshing meal and a potential celebrity sighting. 

📍262 Spencer Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 


Best for: trying dishes that have gone viral on social media 
Black bowl with a Korean-style fish and chilli dish

‘Hansang’ translates to ‘table full of food’, and this restaurant takes its name seriously. Rather than the typical few side dishes, Hansang piles its tables with so many plates that there is nary a spot to rest an arm. From grilled mackerel sizzling in soya sauce and wasabi reduction to a fiery kimchi stew laden with pieces of fatty pork, the fully loaded menu means diners are lucky if they can make it through two or three courses. 

📍 347/349 King Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003 

Hot tip #2: Start plain before you spice things up 

Korean barbeque offers a variety of protein options – including the standard beef and pork, as well as vegetarian- and pescatarian-friendly picks – that are available both plain and marinated. Before diving into a gochujang-drenched tenderloin, first opt for an unmarinated cut so that you can truly experience how the unembellished proteins pair with the sauces and dips provided.

Best Korean restaurants in Queensland 


Best for: dancing from buffet to barbeque and back 

Dining at Hanwoori is about as hands-on an eating experience as you can find in an establishment titled a ‘restaurant’. Guests begin by making their selections at the bottomless buffet, with its seemingly ceaseless supply of fresh cut meats, fermented vegetables, and dipping sauces – and then sit at a table with its own individual grill to commence the delightful Korean dining dance between sizzle, sip, and savour.  

📍1/70 Mary Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 


Best for: a bar-hopping break 

Flanked on all sides by some of Brisbane’s busiest bars, Seoul:Ssamm is the ideal spot to stop for a little bulgogi break. The lively atmosphere and buzzy service keep the energy of a night out alive, while the adventurous meat dishes dripping with tangy sauces and fun, bite-sized finger foods are sure to satisfy your midnight cravings. The cool and sultry ambience is punctuated by an interior design with a dark, monochromatic colour palette of timber and black leather. 

📍  Shop 8, 100 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006  

Hot tip #3: Build a one-bite Ssam 

Ssam is a Korean lettuce wrap often assembled with red peppers, perilla leaves, meat, kimchi, and banchan. When making your Ssam, do your best to craft a concoction that can be devoured in one big bite, as the intention is to experience how all the flavours interact with one another.

Best Korean restaurants in South Australia  


Best for: nostalgic feelings for the good ol’ days 
Takeout boxes with Korean-style fried chicken and fries

KOKKO doesn’t dabble in the infinite array of Korean dishes. It does one thing, and one thing only: Korean fried chicken. But don’t be fooled by its seemingly one-dimensional menu. With its complex preparations and myriad dips, KOKKO’s chicken is anything but simple. And the nostalgic associations with fried chicken – think greasy fingers and sauce-smeared smiles – are only further accentuated by the diner’s unique playground-inspired design of white tiles, primary colours, and geometric shapes. 

📍 1/1 Margaret Street, Norwood, SA 5067 

Plus 82 POCHA 

Best for: award-winning Korean food 

One of four restaurants in the Plus 82 Group started by four Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide alumni, Plus 82 POCHA marries traditional Korean flavours with a rustic and natural preparation to deliver dishes that are instant crowd-pleasers, from crispy Korean fried chicken to tangy kimchi pancakes. With accolades such as 2019 Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence for Best Asian Restaurant (South Australia), Plus 82 POCHA is a duck soup addition to your ‘Korean restaurants to try’ list. 

📍   Shop 3/25 Grenfell Street,  Adelaide, SA 5000 


Best for: dumpling daydreams 

Owner Ki Dong Ra twists and pinches each little dumpling by hand at this cosy Korean joint on Bank Street. In addition to the standard chicken, pork, and vegetable dumplings, Mandoo also offers a special kimchi dumpling, marrying the crunchy, spicy fermented cabbage with the supple, doughy outer layer for the perfect balance. Walk into Mandoo and you’re guaranteed to see diners happily dunking these steaming dumplings into saucers of tangy ganjang sauce while serenely sipping on hot green tea.  

📍3/26 Bank Street, Adelaide SA 5000 

Hot tip #4: If it’s served in a cute shot glass, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should shoot it 

In Korean restaurant culture, the drink pairing can be almost as important as the menu selection. Soju, a low-alcohol distilled spirit, or makgeolli, a sweet rice wine, are commonly served in small shot glasses alongside the meal. While it’s difficult to see a shot glass and not immediately shout ‘bottoms up!’, these beverages are so smooth and low in alcohol content that they are best enjoyed in small sips throughout the feast. So, save your shot-skis for the late-night bar binge and sip your soju languorously.

Best Korean restaurants in Western Australia  

Bulgogi BBQ 

Best for: quick and easy post-work dinner 

This no-frills, all-about-the-food Korean BBQ joint is the perfect cure for that post-long workday sleepy stupor. The aroma wafting from bulgogi will immediately pique your interest, as its short ribs, skirt steaks, and pork scotch fillets wear that signature smoky cloak that comes from a charcoal grill. If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, but equally as warming, the restaurant also offers a variety of Korean soups, hot pots, and noodles that are sure to satisfy your comfort cravings. 

📍 282 Hay Street, Perth, WA 6004 

Palsaik Namoo 

Best for: a satisfying meal that’s worth the queue 

Those with little patience for long queues may be deterred from dining at Palsaik, but – as proven time and time again – where queues accumulate, good food awaits. And this Korean BBQ restaurant is no exception. A haven for meat lovers, it is known for the eight different kinds of pork belly on its menu, each with a unique marinade and preparation technique. Dining solo? Try the set menu and taste it all. With a group of friends? Go for the full Korean BBQ experience. 

📍 78 Barrack Street, Perth, WA 6000 

Best Korean restaurants in Tasmania  

Tasty Korea Chicken and Beer 

Best for: chicken and beer. Need we say more? 
A bowl of broth served with skewers of fried vegetables.

Like your favourite white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics. Tasty Korea takes this to heart with its simple menu that features chicken and beer as the stars of the show, with burgers and soju as the supporting actors. Battered in various powder and sauce combinations, the chicken brings all the nuances of Korean flavour to the table – from spicy and sweet, to buttery and cheesy. 

📍 207 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, TAS 7000 


Best for: a cosy escape on a rainy day 

The smattering of Korean newspaper clippings lining the walls of this minimalist restaurant only further accentuate its cute and quirky ambience. With a menu that has just about every Korean dish you could imagine and a staff as kind as they are knowledgeable, Kalbi is the kind of place you duck into on a rainy day for a quick meal that is guaranteed to warm you up and make you feel welcome.  

📍396 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, TAS 7000  

Hot tip #5: Don’t save room for dessert 

We know it sounds ludicrous, but hear us out. First, many Korean restaurants don’t commonly have dessert on the menu (aside from maybe a sweet pancake or two, but that counts as a side dish in our minds). Second, and more importantly, if you have room for dessert after eating your meal then you didn’t do it right. A critical part of the Korean food experience is indulgence. So, eat that second ssam. Have another bite of bibimbap. Throw an extra pork belly fillet on the grill. And don’t worry about saving room for a big slice of cake at the end of the tunnel – it won’t be there waiting for you.

Best Korean restaurants in Northern Territory  


Best for: celebrating with loved ones 

Named after the Korean term for ‘cheers!’, Zzan is the perfect place to clink glasses with friends, enjoy Korean and Japanese fare, and admire the serene harbour view. It is the first restaurant by chef Bruce Shin, a local Darwinian from Korea who previously managed award-winning Deck Bar and Eva’s Café in Darwin’s Botanical Garden. Try traditional Korean barbeque with a side of Japanese favourites such as miso-glazed eggplant for the ultimate Asian fusion experience. 

📍 8 Conacher Street, Fannie Bay, NT 0820  

Little Miss Korea 

Best for: seasonal Korean cuisine 
A plate of fried dumplings served with sauce.

Opened by celebrity chef Chung Gae Lee in 2015, Little Miss Korea has since earned a panoply of awards recognising its quality fare and talented creator – including Best Asian Restaurant in the Northern Territory. Lee was born in Seoul and grew up with an appreciation for seasonal Korean cooking instilled in him by his family. He brings this heritage to Little Miss Korea, where cold noodles mark the beginning of summer and warm soups abound in winter. 

📍Austin Lane, Darwin City, NT 0800 

Best Korean restaurants in Australian Capital Territory 

The Tasty Hill 

Best for: meat lovers 

Opened just last year, The Tasty Hill is the latest addition to Canberra’s Korean dining scene, and it’s already made a name for itself. A traditional Korean barbeque establishment, it offers all the trimmings – from complementary kimchi to myriad types of meat – but the Wagyu beef is the true star of the show. The precise marbling and deep red hue are clear indicators of quality (as any good meat lover will attest), making it a must-try menu item.  

📍 Shop 1/3, 16 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601 

Hangari Kimchi 

Best for: authentic Korean BBQ 

When Hangari Kimchi opened its doors 14 years ago, it made a name for itself as the first authentic Korean BBQ restaurant in Canberra. It has done that title justice ever since with its full-scope array of Korean staples. Though it’s known for its barbeque, the tables come with or without individual charcoal grills, accommodating those who want the barbeque experience as well as diners seeking more à la carte options such as hot soups and stews.  

📍5/55 Woolley Street, Dickson, ACT 2602 

Hot tip #6: Speak the Korean love language 

One of the most affectionate ways to show love in Korean culture is to place the most coveted morsels of meat or tangles of noodles on your beloved’s plate. As they say, nothing says ‘I love you’ like shared kongguksu,

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