How to host an epic AFL Grand Final 2023 party

A young group of friends are helping themselves to freshly prepared food at a summer evening Barbecue.

From tasty munchies and refreshing bevvie ideas to AFL expert tips and fun games suggestions, here’s how to host an epic AFL Grand Final 2023 party at home

This year’s Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final (Saturday 30 September) is just around the corner and we have you covered with the ultimate guide to hosting a party packed with footy fever, tasty munchies, cold tinnies, and bonzer entertainment.

After a qualifying final pitting Collingwood and Melbourne against each other kicked off this year’s finals, the Brisbane Lions have emerged as premiership favourites after beating Collingwood twice so far this season. With 2023’s late finals start, you still have plenty of time to start planning your AFL 23 Grand Final party. Sticking to our AFL expert tips will ensure the final is truly legendary, from delish food and bevvie suggestions to entertainment ideas and playlist recommendations.

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Here’s how to host an epic AFL 23 Grand Final party

Step one: get your grub on for the AFL Grand Final 2023

For your AFL Grand Final 2023, we recommend a barbecue

Prepare for the epic footy showdown by dishing out game-day snacks perfect for keeping your mates fuelled throughout the match viewing party. Start the day off big with a crowd-pleaser: loaded nacho fries with your favourite toppings. We recommend prepping your barbie ahead of kick-off for a winning game strategy. Sizzle bangers, prawns, steak, or kebabs to keep the energy high as you watch the footy action. Ensuring a constant supply of snacks such as chips, dip, mixed nuts, and candies within arm’s reach will help you score big with your guests.

In the drinks department, you can honour the occasion and celebrate the game with some of Oz’s most popular cocktails. While espresso martinis and margaritas take the top spots, you can get creative by crafting your own bespoke cocktails inspired by the colours of the team you’re cheering for – or one for each team. If you’re entertaining a crowd, you should consider mixing up a big batch of your favourite cocktail or turning it into a punch for easy serving. You can serve up some equally delicious mocktail options for cocktail enthusiasts who prefer to skip the hangover.

Yes You Can’s Dark & Stormy offers the classic flavours of the refreshing drink without the alcohol, making it an ideal choice. Monday Distillery’s Mezcalita, featuring peach, mandarin, finger lime, and soda also offers a guilt-free alternative, while beer lovers can savour the Non Alcoholic Club’s array of nonalcoholic beers, including a refreshing ale, pacific ale, tropical XPA, and all-day IPA.

With this ripper choice of food and drinks, your AFL Grand Final 2023 party is sure to be a roaring success, keeping everyone satisfied until the final siren.

Step two: game on with entertainment ideas and AFL expert tips

Melbourne Cricket Ground will once again host the AFL Grand Final

Take your AFL Grand Final 2023 party to the next level with some captivating entertainment. Start by organising an AFL ’23 tipping competition for your guests. Upon arrival, distribute paper and pens, encouraging them to predict game specifics, such as the winning margin, first goal scorer, and the first score (goal or behind). Spice things up with a small wager, such as a gold coin or a small note, to keep the competition fierce.

For larger gatherings, try the player name draw. Place all player names in a hat and let guests choose one at the game’s outset. When a guest’s chosen player scores a goal, a behind, or gets penalised, they take a sip of their drink. Keep the halftime spirits high with a game of AFL 23 trivia or by casting music directly from your phone, streaming your fave match day playlist on Spotify or SoundCloud to your TV. You could even invite your mates to add their own tracks to your match day soundtrack!

There’s also the option of transforming your backyard into an AFL arena and hosting a mini footy match during halftime.

Remember to conduct a seating run-through before the game to ensure everyone has a clear view of the TV. Whether you’re setting up deck chairs or bleachers, consider adding cushions for those in the back rows. With your entertainment planned for game day, you now have the ultimate AFL Grand Final 2023 party on your hands.

Step three: celebrate the AFL Grand Final 2023 your way

And there you have it, your AFL  Grand Final 2023 party is primed and ready to go. From the tastiest footy food to icy-cold tinnies and killer entertainment, you’ve got all the ingredients for a legendary day. So, as the footy frenzy unfolds on the telly, remember to soak up every moment, toast to your AFL team, and, most importantly, relish the company of your best mates.



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